Training with New York Soccer Training Academy means training with an organization that has developed a comprehensive curriculum to develop the finest soocer players on Long Island.

NYSTA Philosiphy

NYSTA Training and Developmental Philosophy

Training soccer players is not an exact science. No two teams or players are exactly the same, nor are the circumstances and surroundings. However, a consistent and progressive approach to a player's development is necessary to maximize each player's as as each team's development.

Our training philosophy places a very strong emphasis on developing TECHNICAL (skillful) players who THINK (decision makers, not robots) and PLAY with CREATIVITY (personality) and enthusiasm.

The development of superior fundamentals (dribbling, driving, 1-v-1, attacking, shooting, passing, and receiving) are critical to the success of players and teams that we train

5 Steps to Victory

  1. Identify individual player qualities that you want your players to have
  2. Identify a team game style that you want your players to play
  3. Perform an evaluation of the players on your team and their natural abilities
  4. Set up a cirrculum that teaches the qualities you want for the players and the team
  5. Constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the performance of your players, team and most importantly, you